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Upgrade to a paid account for unlimited access to professional-quality tutorials, unlimited sheet music, and music theory resources, at a fraction of the price of traditional lessons.

  • The MMF Music Academy provides HD quality video tutorials based on our best-selling collection of graded piano lesson books and sheet music, movie and TV themes, Disney songs, and more.

  • Students get unlimited access to the premium sheet music, music theory worksheets, and games that made a leader in online elementary music education.

  • Students will be guided step-by-step with practice tips and links to resources that drill the music theory skills they’re working on.

  • Students get personalized feedback when they enter our MusicStars Online Music Festival - and maybe even win a trophy! Enrollment is free for annual subscribers. Participation is optional.

  • MMF Music Academy starts affordable and stays affordable, with only one subscription fee for your whole family. Compare to "The Other Guys" that charge you for each child.
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