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Want elementary music lesson plans that are so jam-packed with fun that your students will be begging for more? Browse our supporting resources for MMF Lesson Zone™ Music Lesson Plans. All free and premium music lesson plan materials are available for digital print.

Lesson Zone™ Plans for Elementary Classroom Music Teachers

Star Wars Rap | Music Composition Lesson Plan and Worksheet

Make music class a galactic adventure! Includes music composition lesson plan and worksheet. Grades 2-4

Chomp! Music Theory Game - Rhythm & Time Signatures

Chomp! is a frantic, shark-chomping fun game from start to finish. Players navigate the game board by choosing the best path and by correctly answering questions about simple rhythmic values and time signatures. But watch out for sharks. Play if you dare! Grades 2-4

Boom Chicka Boom | Music Lesson Plan and Manipulatives

Boom Chicka Boom Music Lesson Plan is a zany, fun-filled lesson plan for the music classroom that teaches students about two dynamic levels: piano (p) and forte (f).

Battle of the Bands | Music Lesson Plan Resource Pack

Let the 'Battle of the Bands' begin! Students work in cooperative groups (bands) to perform the rhythms of a rhyme/speech piece on non-pitched percussion instruments. The winning band is awarded a 'Battle of the Bands' certificate.

Monster-Themed Music Lesson Plan Pack

Print our adorable monster-themed music lesson plans for a month of monster-sized fun! Get music composer lesson plans and resources, lesson plans for composition and drumming, treble and bass clef note name and rhythm worksheets, activity songs, and bulletin board posters. 34 pages.

High & Low Mix-and-Match | Music Lesson Plan and Worksheets

High & Low Mix-and-Match features three activity worksheets to help K-2 students with beginning level pitch discrimination.

Mystery Message Game | Music Theory Game (Pitch/Rhythm)

Students will compare and contrast rhythm/pitch sets in this musical twist on the classic hangman game.

CodeMaker! Note Names Worksheets

Build essential music theory skills with our CodeMaker! note name worksheets. Complete this worksheet individually, or pair your music classroom students up for a fun cooperative learning activity.

CodeMaker! Treble Clef Note Names Worksheet
CodeMaker! Bass Clef Note Names Worksheet

Name That Tune | Note Names Worksheets

Each musical phrase is a phrase from a popular children's song. Identify each note, and then see if you can guess the song. This activity is great fun for the music classroom, as kids work together in pairs (each pair has an Orff xylophone) racing to be the first to complete the worksheet.

Name That Tune | Treble Clef Note Names Worksheet
Name That Tune | Bass Clef Note Names Worksheet
Name That Tune | Viola Clef Note Names Worksheet

The Wee Little Scare | Music Lesson Plan and Book (Steady Beat)

The Wee Little Scare is a colorful and fully-illustrated sing-along counting book designed for the music classroom. Students learn to keep a steady beat by playing instruments and participating in a fun-filled jump rope activity/contest.

Music Listening Maps and Listening Glyphs

Designed for the music classroom, our printable listening maps and listening glyphs turn listening to music into a visual learning experience.

Messiah/Hallelujah Chorus (Handel) | Music Listening Map
In the Hall of the Mountain King (Grieg) | Music Listening Map
Surprise Symphony (Haydn) | Music Listening Map
St. Patrick's Day | Music Listening Glyph

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin | Instruments of the Orchestra Lesson and Game

The irresistible rhymes and energetic color illustrations for the award winning Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin, make learning about the instruments of the orchestra even more exciting than ever! Read Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin to your students and then play the Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin | Musical Instrument Identification Game to see how many instruments they can name.

Suck It Up! | Music Lesson Review Game

Play Suck It Up!, a fast-paced game that drills the facts of previous music lessons. Students carry answer squares with straws to a game board across the music classroom in a race to answer 10 questions.

Color-by-Note | Treble Clef Note Names Worksheet Pack

Make learning note names fun with this set of five color-by-note worksheets. Pick a space to color, match the alphabet letter to a note, and grab the crayons!