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Level 4

Level 4 is intended for students who have completed the Primer through Level 3 piano tutorials. In most instances only one piece will be assigned each week. If you need a bigger challenge, add next week’s piece too. If you didn’t quite master your piece in one week, work on it for another week.

Week 1

Hey Jude was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and recorded by the Beatles in 1968. "Hey Jude" was a number-one hit in many countries around the world and the top-selling single of 1968 in the UK, the US, Australia and Canada.

Hey Jude is in the key of F Major, which means you'll be playing the notes of the F major scale - F G A Bb C D E and F. Begin by reviewing the F Major Scale and then learn the song. By learning the scale first you'll know which piano keys you will be playing most of the time. The only note in this arrangement outside of the key of F Major is an Eb, which is introduced in the B section.

Print F Major Scale and Arpeggio for this lesson.

Week 2
In the Hall of the Mountain King    Subscribe to Unlock Tutorial

In the Hall of the Mountain King is written by Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg. Edvard Grieg was born in Bergen, Norway on June 15, 1843. For most of Edvard's life Norway struggled to be its own nation separate from unions with other countries. It was his music that helped give Norway its own identity. For his contribution, he came to be regarded as a hero to the people of Norway. Many of his works include Norwegian folksongs and paint a musical picture of the landscape of the beautiful countryside. Read more....

In the Hall of the Mountain King is in the key of D Minor. Music in a major key sounds bright. Music in a minor key sounds dark.

Print In the Hall of the Mountain King Easy Piano Sheet Music for this lesson.