Level 3

Level 3 is intended for students who have completed the Primer, Level 1A, Level 1B, and Level 2 piano lessons. In most instances only one piece will be assigned each week. If you need a bigger challenge, add next week's piece too. If you didn't quite master your piece in one week, work on it for another week.

Week 1

Goodbye, Old Paint is a traditional American cowboy song gives you a chance to review 3/4 time signature and the fermata.

Meet the Teacher - Andy Fling, Teacher of Award-Winning Students and Founder of MakingMusicFun.net

Week 2
 Malaguena (Spanish Dance)    Subscribe to Unlock Tutorial

Malaguena is an awesome arrangement of a Spanish dance that features a Flamenco guitar-style section near the end. It's really fun to play and not as hard as you might think. Just practice it slowly. When you have this piece mastered, you'll amaze your friends!

Print the sheet music for this lesson: Malaguena | Easy Piano Sheet Music

Week 3
 Turkey in the Straw    Subscribe to Unlock Tutorial

Music is interesting when it includes contrasting rhythms, melodies or harmonies. Turkey and the Straw includes contrasting rhythms by asking you to play the rhythms staccato (short) sometimes and legato (long) other times.

If you listen carefully to every example, and practice playing the notes the length they are marked - staccato or legato, you'll be great!

Meet the Teacher - Gloria Baughman, Piano Teacher

Week 4
 Go Down Moses    Subscribe to Unlock Tutorial

Go Down Moses challenges students in a brand new way. This arrangement asks you to play with two different rhythms with your right hand.

It will seem difficult at first, but you can do it. Just remember to practice phrase by phrase - and very slowly.

This lesson also introduces you to a new musical term:


A TEMPO means return to the previous tempo. The A TEMPO marking in this arrangement follows a rit. (or ritardando) marking which asks the player to gradually get slower.