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Level 2

Level 2 is intended for students who have completed the Primer, Level 1A, and Level 1B piano tutorials. In most instances only one piece will be assigned each week. If you need a bigger challenge, add next week’s piece too. If you didn’t quite master your piece in one week, work on it for another week.

Week 1

Let's kick things off with one of the greatest Disney's songs ever - Beauty and the Beast. You have the skills now to perform this piece very well. If you think certain parts will be challenging, play them slow enough to get it right the first time. The more you get it right the first time, the faster you'll grow as a musician.

Week 2
William Tell Overture (Rossini)    Subscribe to Unlock Tutorial

William Tell Overture is your first piece in your new piano book. The tempo (speed) of this piece is 'Allegro' which means fast. The secret of playing fast is practicing very slow. Practice each two measure phrase at a slow tempo. When you're ready, try a faster tempo.

Print MMF All-in-One Piano Lesson Book, Level 2. This is your music book for this level.

Week 3
Ode to Joy (Beethoven)    Subscribe to Unlock Tutorial

Print Ode to Joy Play and Learn™ Edition to get the included sheet music, and learn about the life and music of Ludwig van Beethoven by completing the activity worksheets.