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Level 1B

Level 1B is intended for students who have completed the Primer, and Level 1A piano tutorials. In most instances only one piece will be assigned each week. If you need a bigger challenge, add next week’s piece too. If you didn’t quite master your piece in one week, work on it for another week.
Week 1

We Love You America starts Level 1B pretty easy, but there are a few new notes to learn. Print the new book by clicking the link below, along with this Color That Note! Bass Clef/Middle C Position Worksheet. Knowing the note names of every note in this piece will make practicing tons easier!

We Love You America has a challenge that most students miss. Middle C is played by right hand finger one (your right hand thumb) for most of the piece, but it's played by left hand finger one (your left hand thumb) in the last measure. Get it right and you'll be a superstar!

Print MMF All-in-One Piano Lesson Book, Level 1B. This is your music book for this level.

Week 2

A tarantella is a very fast dance. The name comes from the Italian town, Taranto. People used to believe that if someone was bitten by a tarantula spider they should dance this dance to drive out the poison.

Practice each phrase of Tarantella very slowly at first. When you've mastered it, play the piece super fast while your friends dance like crazy to drive out the dreaded poison of the tarantula spider!

Week 3
Humpty Dumpty    Subscribe to Unlock Tutorial

It's time to record yourself again. Practice this piece for 3-4 days and then ask your mom to record a video of your performance. Are you sitting up straight? Did you keep a steady beat? Are your fingers rounded? Are your eyes on the music as you play, or on your fingers? If there's anything you can improve on, keep practicing with your attention on improving those things. Ask your mom to record your perfomance again in a few days.

Week 4
Mexican Hat Dance    Subscribe to Unlock Tutorial

Mexican Hat Dance gives you another chance to play music with a 3/4 time signature. The top number tells you how many beats there are in each measure. The bottom number tells you what kind of note gets the beat - or the tap of your foot. A 3/4 time signature means there are 3 beats to the measure and the quarter note gets the beat - or the tap of your foot.