Peter and the Wolf (Prokofiev) | Music Lesson Pack

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Peter and the Wolf (Prokofiev) | Music Lesson Pack

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Ready to crank up the fun? This Peter and the Wolf | Music Lesson Pack includes a variety of lesson resources for hands-on fun to introduce your students to Prokofiev and one of his most popular works - Peter and the Wolf.


Hey Kids, Meet Sergei Prokofiev | Biography
Sergei Prokofiev | Composer Word Search
Meet the Composer Job Application
Peter and the Wolf | Listening Glyphs (3)
Peter and the Wolf | Comic Strip Worksheet and Lesson Plan
Peter and the Wolf | Draw!
Peter and the Wolf | Match!

Hey Kids, Meet Sergei Prokofiev Biography

Written for kids, this "Meet the Composer" biography is a great place to start with your Prokofiev/Peter and the Wolf unit.

Word Search

The composer word search is designed to build reading skills, so it does not include the search words on the worksheet. Students must search for keywords in the composer biography to find the words they feel are important about the composer. The search words are included on the "About" page.

Meet the Composer Job Application

Students fill this job application out for the composer, including all the facts they have learned while reading their biography.

Listening Glyphs

Three listening glyphs are provided in this packet. Two listening glyphs asks students to assess Peter's theme and the Wolf's theme. A blank listening glyph is also included if you'd like to chose the things that you want your students to listen for.

Peter and the Wolf Comic Strip Worksheet and Lesson Plan

The comic strip and accompanying lesson plan introduces music students to Peter and the Wolf and the compositional technique of "leitmotif." Students draw a comic strip as they listen to help them remain quiet and attentive throughout the work.

Peter and the Wolf | Draw!

Each character in Peter and the Wolf is represented by their own theme played by an instrument of the orchestra. Ask students to draw each character of the story as they listen to the recording. The characters/circles are presented in the order of appearance. This resource is an alternative to the comic strip worksheet.

Peter and the Wolf | Match!

Draw lines to match the characters from Peter and the Wolf with the instruments that play their themes. Write the name of each instrument in the blank to the right of the instrument.

Peter and the Wolf | FunLib™

Read the story of Peter and the Wolf, and then make up a silly variation by asking students to substitute their own words in the blanks provided on the second page.


I left this with a sub while I was gone for a week and the sub left rave reviews. It was great because the students had just seen the play! This is a really fun product! - Madison W.

My kids loved these activities! - Ms. Shorey

I used this as an end of year activity. The kids loved it! - Kathleen A.

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About Composer Sergei Prokofiev

Sergei Prokofiev was born in Russia on April 27, 1891. He began studying the piano with his mother at the age of three. By the age of five Sergei was displaying unusual musical abilities. His first composition, written down by his mother, was called Indian Gallop. By the age of nine he had written his first opera, The Giant. Read more...