Where Is Your Goose? | Lyrics

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Lyrics for 'Where Is Your Goose?'

Susie, oh, Susie,
Oh, where is your goose?
She's stuck in her nest
And I can't get her loose.

Johnny, oh, Johnny,
Oh, where is your cat?
He's lost in the cellar
And that - is that.

Teddie, oh, Teddie,
Oh, where is your goat?
He's down at the pool
Where he's learning to float.

Linda, oh, Linda,
Oh, where is your pig?
He's gone to the store
To pick up a new wig.

Norman, oh, Norman,
Oh, where is your frog?
I bought him some sneakers
And taught him to jog.

Shirley, oh, Shirley
Oh, where is your duck?
He's off at the races
And trying his luck.

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