MusicStars Online Music Festival (2019) | Video Showcase

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Welcome to the MusicStars Online Festival (2019) showcase. For information about participating MusicStars Online Festival 2020 - K-12 Edition, visit the MusicStars Online Festival FAQ's page.

Festival Participants for 2019

Beginning Elementary (Ages 6-8)

Sebastian S (Age 7) performing Gallop, Pony
Sahana B (Age 7) performing TBD
Addison G (Age 7) performing Firefly
Laith C (Age 8) performing On the Run
Madelyn B (Age 6) performing Our Detective Agency
Tavian B (Age 8) performing Pumpkin Boogie Shining Star
Brent R (Age 8) performing Mysterious Mission Shining Star
Ashley R (Age 8) performing Fur Elise (Beethoven)
Amelie M (Age 8) performing Classic Sonatina, 3rd Mvt.
Sehar G (Age 8) performing Stanley the Skunk
Liam I (Age 7) performing Shave and a Haircut
Madelyn B (Age 6) performing Follow the Leader
JC U (Age 6) performing Hickory Dickory Dock Shining Star
Jackson K (Age 7) performing Lightly Row

Intermediate Elementary (Ages 9-10)

Mira B (Age 9) performing Pounce (Chrissy Ricker)
Emily S (Age 9) performing Hot Cross Buns
Julia G (Age 9) performing On My Way
Eloise L (Age 10) performing Sonatina Op. 13, No. 1 (Kabalevsky) Shining Star
Ashton D (Age 9) performing Fly Me to the Moon
Ava J (Age 9) performing Evening Star Shining Star
Sumedha G (Age 9) performing Return to the Heart Shining Star
Nayana B (Age 9) performing Willie the Whistling Giraffe
Jake L (Age 9) performing Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Kelley E (Age 9) performing Bluesy Tuesday
Addison A (Age 10) performing Clarinet Capers
Leilani R (Age 9) performing Ferris Wheel

Advanced Elementary (Ages 11-12)

Beno T (Age 11) performing River Flows In You (Yiruma) Shining Star
Taylor M (Age 11) performing TBD
Thomas M (Age 12) performing Blazin'
Sophia A (Age 11) performing The Chase
Anika B (Age 11) performing TBD
Julia B (Age 11) performing TBD
Tristan (Age 12) performing Super Mario Bros. "Starman Theme"
Malachi B (Age 11) performing Sarabande (W. Gillock) Shining Star
Ashmit P (Age 11) performing Sonatina in G Major (J.L. Dussek) Shining Star
Madeleine G (Age 11) performing Whirlwind
Sarah F (Age 11) performing Fur Elise (Beethoven)
Annalee B (Age 12) performing The Chase
Coby A (Age 12) performing Canon in D (Pachelbel)
Matteo H (Age 12) performing Air from Suite #3 (Bach)
Lorena C (Age 12) performing Game On!
Karmen H-W (Age 11) performing Winter's Day
Cristian G (Age 12) performing The Bold Escape
Mason A (Age 12) performing Loneliness

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