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Save Money

Traditional piano lessons are expensive. With MMF Academy your whole family can take lessons for just $15 per month.

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Save Time

On-demand lessons mean no driving, scheduling conflicts or make-ups.

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Start Where You Are

Kids will benefit by starting at the level that’s right for them and learn at their own pace.

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Get Expert Instruction

You don’t need to compromise by hiring the closest piano teacher. MMF Academy provides quality instruction, guided by founder and teacher of award-winning students, Andy Fling.

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Give Your Child a Learning Advantage

Neuroscience studies show that music lessons provide children with increased learning advantages over those that don’t receive lessons. MMF Academy provides the opportunities your child needs to excel.

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Faster Results

Kids learn faster with our proven, kid-centered, confidence-building method.

Get your free lessons and preview your piano book NOW!
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Can online lessons be as effective as traditional lessons?
We made sure they are.

In fact, our proven method gives kids more of what they need to become skilled musicians.

Traditional piano lessons ask kids to remember practice tips. Often they don’t. MMF Academy lessons repeat everything they need to know every time they sit down to practice. The result is a happier, more confident learner.

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"As a mom of a large family, piano lessons were out of the question. There's not enough time in the week to drive my kids to and from multiple activities, adding in the cost of gas and feeding the kids while out. MMF Music Academy brings the lessons to us! My kids can hop right on the website and do their piano lessons. They love the lessons and I love that MMF Music Academy provides a quality music education for my kids without all the stress!" - Sharla G.

"The MMF Music Academy piano tutorials have greatly enhanced our 5 and 8 year old’s ability to play the piano. The videos are excellent in keeping them engaged and on task. They’re easy to understand, extremely effective and very well put together." - Audra O.

"My son is just beginning to learn and following the All-in-One Primer now. He is making amazing progress. You really are a star." - Lakshmi I.

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Show off your skills!

MMF Academy students that sign-up for a one year (annual) membership are invited to participate in the MusicStars Online Music Festival, now in it’s 10th season. Parents and kids love this low-stress opportunity to perform, get helpful feedback, and win awards.

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